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Legal Adviser

Irina Serban Law office is efficient Romanian Law Office, being established in 1999, counting to the present 5 lawyers and additional professional staff.
Irina Serban Law office is committed to assist its clients achieve their objectives by combining skills, knowledge and experience with a genuinely client tailored service, based on accessibility, responsiveness and in-depth knowledge of their needs. The firm can prevent a problem, solve a crisis, and achieve a goal.
Irina Serban Law office has built a solid practice in business law and has acquired professional expertise specialized in this area, providing legal assistance services and legal representation in connection with various domestic and cross-border commercial transactions.
Mostly international and national corporations, holding companies, compose client portfolio.

We have been assisting our clients in projects of foreign and domestic direct investments, corporate structure, mergers and acquisitions, competition, intellectual property, contracts, labour law, bankruptcy, real estate transactions, recovery of nationalized real-estate, arbitration and commercial litigation.
Our philosophy is based on the fact that the most important thing is to achieve the goal for which the clients appointed us as legal assistant. We see ourselves as a complement of the clients’ activity, the legal services being crucial for the clients’ successful business. Therefore, we think that the lawyer should tailor his style, tactics and services to the clients’ need. We have successfully represented clients acting in an almost comprehensive array of domains, in order to help them build, acquire and consolidate various business and transactions, as well as solve complex commercial litigation.

Flexibility, timely manner, efficiency and focus on the results have been and still are the characteristics of our approach.

We support this attitude with our profound and in-depth knowledge of the law in connection with the latest developments in the jurisprudence, having in place a permanent action to monitor the market and the actors in the relevant areas of interest, keeping contact with those markets, authorities, competition and players. In order to keep our client informed, we have created and maintained a monthly legis information.

Although The firm has Romanian legal counselors, we have developed our practice conscious, on the other hand, that very often the clients’ needs involve the knowledge of different jurisdictions. Therefore, we have initiated and maintained business and professional relations with reputable foreign law firms abroad in order to provide our clients with complete and fully qualified assistance and developed mutual co-operation between the offices.